Internet of Things

A Future Need of Businesses

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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IOT) keeps on advancing and extend as far as the number of products, and applications that outline exactly how useful it is getting to be to interface our gadgets, apparatuses, homes, and vehicles together. it's clear that IoT continues to expand and provide an exciting future of how connectivity can improve work and life productivity while ensuring that data and personal details are protected.

Gropse Technologies provides a platform for connecting IoT devices to securely connect to the Web and create a network to leverage all the benefits of technology.

IOT App Development with Gropse.

At Gropse an IoT applications development company in Noida, India. we plainly comprehend the part portable applications play in interfacing the gadgets to the web. You may develop the cutting edge wellness band or you are the biggest weighbridge maker or may be a specialist in outlining home mechanization doors, our dedicated developers will help you to associate your gadgets to the web. Henceforth change your 'Gadgets' to 'Brilliant Devices'.

  1. Fully managed
  2. Secure by default
  3. Built to scale
  4. Data autonomy
  5. Data autonomy
  6. All In One Solution


Why IOT apps?

  1. New business opportunities
  2. Delight your customers
  3. Enhance efficiency
  4. Let your devices talk.
  5. Use technology to reach more targeted users.
  6. Utilize the power of technology to solve the complex problem and offer a simple solution.
  7. To stay ahead of competition.

The technologies we use to develop IOT mobile app

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. WiFi direct
  3. Bluetooth
  4. Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth Smart.
  5. Zigbee
  6. NFC
  7. Beacons/iBeacons
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